Morsecodian Fraternity

The VTM is host to members of the Victorian Morsecodian Fraternity.  A group of telegraphers maintaining the skill of the art of Morse Telegraphy.


Members meet at the Hawthorn Museum every Wednesday from 10AM to 1PM.


They are one of the main attractions of tours, demonstrating a living art from the early years of telecommunications and giving insights into life and work in the days of the Post Master General's department.


Visitors may lodge telegrams for transmission by Morse Code by members of the fraternity to other Morsecodian groups across Australia. At the receiving station the message is typed on reproduction telegram forms and posted to the addressee. (A gold coin donation is appreciated for this service).


Along with the manual telegraphy display are examples of machine telegraphy and items relating to the golden days of communications before the telephone.



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